Meditation technique for stress

This meditation technique will help relieve stress in minutes.

Wherever you are; seek out a quiet place. Try to sit upright in a flat back chair with your feet firmly on the floor with your arms by your side, or rest comfortably on a couch. If limited physically, lay down on a flat surface.

Without effort become aware of your entire body and breathing. Slowly direct your attention as if scanning your entire body; beginning with your individual toes, moving up from your feet and calves and so on. As you encounter and become involved with each area, become aware of the blood flowing in that area. Be aware of the warmth that this flowing blood produces in that area. Be aware of a mild tingling sensation that occurs as you place your attention on that part of your body.

If distracting thoughts arise (and they certainly will!), calmly but intently bring your attention back to the awareness of that body part. Regain your focus and attention time and time again.

When you have completed this scan of your entire body, begin to focus in on your hands. Become aware of your hands. Feel the tingle, the flow of blood in your hands. Now choose to concentrate on one hand only, preferably your dominant hand, but either will do. Now just stay there! Stay in the present moment, continually aware of that hand.

Remember that if and when your mind drifts off, you will remain diligent in your efforts to return again and again to the sensation in your hand, the flow of blood, the awareness of that hand, the awareness of all of this occuring in the present moment.

You are now grounded in the present moment. Clearly realize that nothing else exists but this moment. Here and now. The past is no longer here and the future has not yet arrived. Therefore the past and future exist in your mind only. You are absolutely here now only. Be aware that even when your mind is unaware that it is involved with the past or the future, it is still operating from within the now. The eternal now.

Without reference to memories of the past or anticipations of the future, the now is absolutely timeless. This is a state in which you can abide and prosper. This is a powerful understanding indeed and an essential building block for what is to follow.

During your meditation technique, when a thought attempts to pull you away from the awareness of your hand and consequently the now, bring your awareness back softly.

Do not become frustrated with this barrage of emerging thoughts that pull your attention away. Do not wrestle with any thought; for that only energizes it and enables it to maintain sway over you. Rather, attempt to meditate and witness the thought dispassionately with patience, acknowledge the thought, and then bring your attention back to your hand.

With continued practice this will become easier and your ability to calmly observe and gain control over your thoughts will astound you! You are merely seeing a glimpse of the control you can exercise over your thoughts. You will soon discover the immense life altering benefits this meditation technique will provide.  Simply approach this exercise with patience and sincerity and your efforts shall be rewarded with a sense of stress relief.


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