Limitless you or the I in “I am”

Limitless you. Have you realized that yet? Your inner space is infinite. That is the essence of who you are. Go inside and find all that you require. Outside and about you, all is transient and ever changing. People, places and things necessarily coming and going. Your body/mind will necessarily go as well. Here and now your body/mind is the vehicle for consciousness. How else could you observe these people, places and things as they move past?

But what is the root “I” that observes the mind and observes the body? Who is the self that is aware of itself? How can one discover this? One observation technique which is useful for discovery can be found here. Returning again and again to this meditative state daily will improve your ability to be aware and objective to your thoughts.

Attempt to move beyond the idea that you are the body/mind only. When these are clearly seen as observable, then who is it that is doing the observing. Who is the witness? Let this be a lifelong pursuit.

There is a process known as ‘Neti Neti’; which simply means ‘Not this, not this’. A method of negating the temporal to reach the eternal that remains ever unaffected. By observing thoughts and applying this negation, we can go beyond that which we are not.

This discipline allows you to drop misidentifications and can lead you to self-realization. One method of isolating the “I” in “I am” is to methodically and while in a deep meditative state see that who you truly are is indescribable. See that you are not able to say “ok, i am this or i am that”. I am an administrative assistant. I am an architect. I am the oldest of three. I am the baby of the family. I am a recovering alcoholic. I am an abstainer. I am smart. I am the top closer this month. I am injury prone. I am a single mother. I am a failed musician. I am a terrific cook. I am an underachiever. I am pretty. I used to be a somebody. and on and on…… Who is it that makes these observations?

There is both the observer and the observation. The perceiver and the perceived. They are distinct and separate. The observer is the source. The observer cannot be defined as “this or that”.

Go deeper and discover that source. Find yourself there. If you keep imagining yourself to be these observations only and continue to grip them tightly, then that is your choice. If you are able to stop imagining yourself to be merely “this or that”, then what remains will astonish you.

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