Courage to overcome your ego

You have a rather serious battle in front of you. As you begin to be inner rather than outer directed, expect to face opposition from your persistent ego. That same ego that has been calling the shots all along.

This ego’s very existence is threatened when you rely on and take your cues from your inner self. With survival at stake, don’t expect it to disappear without a fight. It will take courage to recognize and stop responding to the ego’s habitual demands.

Courage is needed to lose yourself initially, in order to find yourself ultimately. Courage to trust in the infinite life force within, to direct your life. There is no program to follow. There are no deadlines to meet. Continue to return throughout your daily activities to the awareness of the here and now.

Become increasingly objective to and separate from your thoughts. Positive changes will begin to occur merely by practicing present moment awareness. At times you will feel as if in uncharted waters. Fear may arise when you no longer operate in the world through your unconscious habitual patterns. Yet you may not trust fully in the inner self’s ability to guide.

At these times, witness the fear and clearly observe the separation of your self and the fear. “There is nothing to fear but fear itself” still assumes that fear must exist. There is still fear; of what makes little difference. Try rephrasing this as “there is nothing to fear including fear itself”.

Have the courage to nurture and respond to your intuitive stirrings. The gentle urging that will occur when the mind is still will never lead you astray. Have the courage to trust in your inner self. You will be tested often, but your resolve will strengthen with each small success.

Courage will be required to keep still as you witness various disturbing thoughts and images that may arise during meditation. This is necessary to grow and move beyond. Stop allowing the ego to have dominion over your life. Decide now to be IN-spired.

Only but a little courage is needed to allow the free flowing magnificence of the inner self. Keep your ego out of the way and allow the inner self to lead you on this wondrous journey!

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