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“Before you ask…let us tell you what others have to say: I have been searching for a few years now for just this–I think maybe I was just getting ready! Now I feel the time has come to focus on me and I so thank you for this clear, holistic and beautiful guide. Everything you say, I just know to be true and look forward to my journey!!” S. Stover – OSLO, NORWAY

“I have been practising the techniques that you have on your free previews. I have been more relaxed and definitely more focused in both my work and my play. Amazing, really….thank you for sending me your Optimum Self Newsletters. I gain much insight into the comings and goings of life and these little messages really help me adjust to some of those moments.” C. Vanderkop – VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA

“I recently purchased your eBook. I have read all of your articles, and would like to thank you for the tremendous insight you provided in every one of them simply and beautifully. I am short of words to describe the peace and happiness I experience with the help you provided.” R. Piralta – MARYLAND, USA

“I do love reading your newsletters, and get alot out of reading them. I really do appreciate your excellent customer service and would recommend this website to anyone!” J. Webb – WOODSTOCK, ONTARIO, CANADA