Although founded in 2000, has literally been over thirty years in the making.

To begin to explain what optimumself is all about and what you can expect to find in the following pages, let us begin with a few key definitions. Self-discovery is defined as the act or process of achieving self-knowledge while self-actualization means to realize fully one’s potential. Self-realization would describe the fulfillment by oneself of the possibilities of one’s character or personality.

Now allow me to introduce a new definition; a synthesis of the above pursuits and beyond. Optimumself would describe the continual movement towards your real self; your center and source of power, through the disciplined utilization of simple techniques and exercises.

The optimumself is free of rigid rules and useless rituals, religious affiliations and organizations, tribal thinking, endless philosophizing and numbing intellectual pursuits.

The optimumself is absolutely and truly obtainable by those with a sincerity in their hearts and a willingness to practice the ageless techniques outlined here.

The techniques, exercises, secrets and thoughtful words contained in the following pages, will lead you to peace of mind, joy, understanding and contentment. The directions are easy to understand and quick to implement. The results of your continued efforts will be swift and self-evident. A sincere attitude is all that you truly require to obtain remarkable results.

These techniques and variations of them, have been used throughout the eons by seekers on a quest to find meaning and inner peace. All of the tools you really need to reach your center and the joy therein, are carefully and methodically provided in the following pages.

As you will observe, the payoffs are immeasurable. Some changes will be immediate; others will come with continued use of the techniques. It has been said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Are you ready? Your unbending intent has immense power and if used in the pursuit of the disciplines provided here, you can not fail!

I have studied volumes of works by the most renown leaders in the field of self-help and human potential. I then continued my journey into the scriptures and texts of the spiritual masters.

Through intense experimentation and life experience, I have discovered what works and what does not. I have attempted to find a common thread throughout these different paths in order to develop a series of simple but powerful techniques. My hope is that optimumself will enable you to cut to the chase and begin to immediately benefit!
Fortunately, simplicity and sincerity seem to be the keys. Simplicity and Sincerity. It has always struck me that simplicity should be the basis of any program or discipline in order for it to be truly successful and lasting. Complex and confusing techniques tend to lead to frustration and the individuals resulting condition is often worse than their original state! You will not get mired in confusion here.

One should be able to grasp these simple concepts, immediately put them into effect and see results. A sincere heart on this wonderous journey will ensure your success.

I will present the keys to unlocking the mysteries of life, really the mysteries of your life, in an easy to read, simple to understand format. At times there may seem to be a degree of repetitiveness, but that is intentional due to a necessity to constantly return to and remind you of the core concepts.

The repetition of these fundamentals will enable you to quickly build an unshakeable foundation for your continued self discovery. At a certain point (and it will happen), you will suddenly get it and will understand why I have prodded you so constantly. I am grateful for this opportunity to reach you.

During this exhaustive search of over twenty years, there were numerous times when I lost hope that truth could be found. Ideologies and concepts that failed to hold up under rigorous testing. Dogma and traditions which had proven ineffective in leading me to promised destinations. Fortunately, I did find kernels of truth in various places and learned that indeed one should not “throw out the baby with the bath water”. What you are about to read is the culmination of those kernels.

Persistence and sincerity will always lead one to their destination. Any collection of inspirational stories will show this to be true. One who is dying of thirst will search for water until they find it or perish. Your journey to your true self can have many paths, but ultimately they all lead to the same destination. I am grateful for my personal self discoveries and now want to lessen the time and effort you will require to do likewise.

You will find a methodical, step by step, direct path. Your rate of development is entirely dependent on the earnestness and sincerity you possess. The techniques, secrets and ideas presented here will assist you, regardless of your current situation or circumstances. Begin using these principles now for immediate results.

Throughout these pages, several variations of the same theme will emerge. You will be encouraged to follow a simple prescription for stilling and quieting the mind, so that you may find your silent source of power. For many, reaching and maintaining that state will bring a profound sense of contentment and peace. This remarkable place will be more than enough for most, and the impact of that attainment will prove to be life altering enough.

Others may find they wish to satisfy deep, unfulfilled desires and therefore those individuals will move from that source in the direction of manifesting their most pressing desires. The choice is entirely yours.

If you have not yet clearly identified these desires, the following techniques will also assist you in developing focus and clarity. You are also likely to discover that what you formerly had believed to be your most pressing desire, may now take a back seat to a fresh emerging wish. Discipline and sincerity will see you through. Let’s get started!