Pause that refreshes by meditation

If you’re weary, disillusioned and the irrational actions of others throw you for a loop; take a pause. If the insanity of world events cause you to despair and tremble; take a pause.

There is a place you can always go to for peace and respite from all the madness. Retreat and go within. Find a quiet place nearby where you can be still. Sit quietly for just a second. Now…become aware of your thoughts.

Watch them endlessly dance across the screen of your mind. Clearly see you are watching the screen but separate from it. Watch these thoughts of varying intensity…but don’t become involved with them. Detach from the emotional responses their appearance invokes. Clearly make the separation between you and the thought.

You are not, nor have ever been your thoughts. You may have believed that you were before this moment. You will find inner peace to the degree that you are able to fully separate from the thought. This is not avoidance, but merely seeing the thought for what it is.

More than occasionally, a powerful thought will pull and drag you from the awareness of the here and now. Just become aware that this is happening and that awareness alone will enable you to break the grip. Return to the here and now.

Don’t judge your inability to remain centered. Just ever so calmly and softly become aware that it is occurring and detach from it. The spell must be broken. Again and again. Take this meditative pause for five minutes or whatever you can afford.

Even a few minutes will rejuvenate you and allow you to gird yourself against whatever the world has in store. Return to this inner well spring often and see your ability to cope improve immensely. Take the pause that truly refreshes.

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