Find your way back to who you were before being carried away. The profoundly acute awareness of a child. Where has it gone? Taken from the center of your being. Realization comes swiftly when you steadfastly stay here now. Footprints only show where you have been. Who you are now is the sum of those steps.

Counting and collecting memories may bring joy or sorrow but does one return to the ingredients in their measure once the baking has begun? The taste is in the contact. The preparation cannot be undone. Yet you are ever preparing. The deal is always done. Learn to make a new deal. The real deal.

Independent of the past but carrying a foundation, a secret code into the now. The bite of this moment is like no other. Take a bite of the now from your plate of consciousness and devour wholeheartedly.

Wonderment is ever available. Find and share yours. The light within ever fueling consciousness. Stoke the fire while this consciousness yet exists. Both mysteriously consumed and fortified at once. The distance between the ages closer than nail to flesh. The moment now elongated to include a life span.

Appreciate the fullness of one’s life. Find your core just beyond “what is not” using clarity and discernment. Stay right here. Ever the wandering mind will carry you away and ever that which is beyond the mind will gently bring you back. It gently brings you into and about the flow.

Be relentless in your pursuit of the now until you realize the chase actually takes you further away. The paradox is that it is eternally ever here now. Grasp and miss it. Force and push it away. Be and receive. Doubt not; as doubt separates you from the simplicity of it all.

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