Mourning until still mourning until finally morning

That we are even here introduces a polarity; that we will not always be here. That those we love may become a part of our journey introduces a polarity; that they may not always be a part of our journey.

Some of them, a greater part than others. When they are no longer here, through passing on or otherwise, a part is extracted (sometimes suddenly, sometimes painfully and slowly) from the fibre of our being. We hurt. We then hurt more it seems. We then begin to live fully again.

Trust that healing can and shall take place. The “I” that we carry onward and with which we have our being, contains our completely unique experience of those who no longer move forward with us. The rain and sun calls on us like to the flower for a time. They nurture and delight, then move on by the night’s fall. The flower, ever changed by their visit, receives their gifts and provides beauty in the new day.

The process of growth occurs whilst yet unseen before the new dawn. Mourn for a season for the heart gets weary. Then return anew. Display the permanent gifts of a life shared. The fibre of your being simultaneously altered and restored. Know that in this same way you are part of others who move about. Much more than you know.

Mourn for a season, then share with the world who you have become. Tenderly share your being with those who hurt also. Be the tissue that heals and waits. Be the comfort you sought and even now seek still. Be for another what your heart desires also. Guide them gently through their darkest night.

With child-like wonder realize who is being healed. Gather what remains. Travel light and unfettered. Even more acutely aware of precious time and the temporal heartbeat; don’t miss a moment.

Be tickled, laugh, touch and cry when it strikes you, leaving political correctness for those who seek the vote of the world. Step out surely in truth and the landscape of the world will first test, then ultimately provide a safe landing for you. Trust this. Take a leap or a baby step.

Whatever the moment calls from you. Know it to be so; don’t merely believe. The infinite landscape has allowed others to move about and carve their initials in its terrain. Now it is your turn to change the face of this landscape. You influence others more than you know.

With pure intent and graceful movements to and fro, others are changed and enriched by you. This landscape ever stretches awaiting and accepting new arrivals and is shaped by each unique moment, sometimes in an almost imperceptible way.

Through the darkest night, there is always the sun within. Open your heart to receive its warmth moment by moment, bracing yourself from the worldly chill. There is always the sun. Within and without.

If ten thousand days remain or merely this one; is today any less beautiful? Do let the rains come and wash away. Do let the rain wash over you. Wash away. After mourning, there is still mourning. Then there is finally morning. Trust that this is so.

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