Motivation – In self and others

One of the many useful by-products of meditation is the ability to witness our own hidden motivations. During the observation technique we will begin to see the true motives behind the recent events in our daily lives.

In those events, we may have found ourselves in an emotionally charged situation, and have been knocked off balance by those emotions. Since we have left our quiet center of strength, our emotional responses are often inappropriate and hurtful to others.

Our ego, attempting to put a neat spin on things, will create a nifty rationalization that we then assume as our basis for behaving in that manner. Our ego will tend to convince us to see ourselves as victims somehow and in effect justify our behavior.

We have now placed a wall of judgements, interpretations, thoughts and resentments between ourselves and another person. How is direct and clear communication now possible? How can peace be possible?

When you begin regularly using the observation technique in particular, those walls you have built begin to come down. With the quieting of the mind, comes a clear look at those same events; as if coming up for review.

We begin to witness the original motivation for leaving our inner direction and the chain of thoughts and actions that followed. If we are honest enough to acknowledge our motivation (even if it less than admirable) and not resent what we have witnessed, then growth has taken place.

Continued daily meditation will unearth more “undigested” motivations for review, until we begin to see them immediately as they occur in our daily lives. Remaining centered, we can observe the motivation AS it emerges and respond in an appropriate manner. Your own increased clarity will lead to a reliance on a seemingly “wordless” communication with others.

As you become more centered and inner directed, you will find an almost magical ability to witness the true motivations of others as well. Be aware that you do not allow your ego to gain in any way using this new perception.

Just be aware not to judge, but to merely observe the motivation while remaining centered, and your response to any given situation will be the proper one. This one change will have a profound positive impact in your life!

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