Look both ways before you cross your life

When you set out on a journey, be sure that you know your center is immovable. When you encounter the unfamiliar, take strength from what is always inside.

When kindness is hard to find, show it. When you find things overwhelming, realize there’s nothing new under the sun. When you begin to judge the lives you see, realize where you fall short.

When things aren’t going ‘your way’, see your resistance to the right way. When you realize you have erred, see it, do different and be done. When you think you’ve got it all figured out, you show you’re yet a fool. When a child fails to stir and delight, you know you’ve lost it in yourself.

When nature fails to astonish and inspire, you know aridness is your captor. When your essence is in doubt, you know you’ve listened to one too many voices. When you feel lost, stop in your tracks and listen. When you value the material world to highly, you know you’ve denied the spiritual.

When your exterior beauty wanes, know there is a greater exquisiteness waiting within. When your mind is filled with doubt, realize the wheel you’ve handed over was never yours to steer.
When you need to define love, remove all words and feel. When you are alone and afraid, there is something nearby to learn. When your pain is great, remember the only guarantee was that you’d experience it.

When you gain through dishonesty, whatever is gained will come for a part of you later. When you crave human touch, remember you fragility and reach out.

When your plans crumble before you, remember there is a plan yet unseen. When you are called and don’t respond, know that it will require a greater courage next time. When you deny what is true, you only steal from yourself. When your heart surges and is moved, you know you’re on the right path.

When a heartfelt whisper causes a chill, you know you are still finely tuned. When your direction is no longer clear, you know it’s about to define who you are. When apprehension surrounds you, it’s time to be quieter still.

When tragedy strikes, allow your heart time and your mind rest. When you are rested, that is the time to reach out to others. You’ll see it in their eyes. When bathed in grace, count your blessings.

When nothing makes sense, right yourself and feel the earth below your feet. When mistrust guides you, give up the guide. When the remarkable occurs, be grateful. When the mundane crawls by, be grateful. When another breath nourishes, be grateful.

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