Last breath

One last breath

Don’t mind your frailty too much

don’t savor your strength for too long

it’s all in you and more.

Find it all.

If you can’t confront

what you don’t think you can handle,

then how will you know what you can?

Some will open up to you,

some will deceive,

some will do neither,

give to all three

all that you are.

That which is beyond body,

beyond mind

cannot experience fear;

you must dance on a razor’s edge

to find that place.

And you can be a very good dancer.

All of the complexities

and troubles of your mind,

all of the pains

and shortcomings

of your body

will end with

one last breath.

Remember that

as you laugh at that which afflicts you.

Remove fairness from your vocabulary

when it applies to yourself


put it back

when it applies to your treatment of others.

Sound fair?


in any form


even to God.

Desperation and faith

cannot co-exist.

If you think that you know who you are

then that’s one less mystery.

If you think you know another

then that’s one more.

If you realize the unity between you and another

then there is little

left to learn

and much

to live.

If a word from a stranger

doesn’t seem strange

it probably isn’t.

If a word from within

seems foreign

it probably is…let go of what isn’t you.

If you’ve been touched deeply

only but once

then that is still more than most.

So be grateful

and reciprocate.

If you can’t see the sun right now

then know that someone else can


wait your turn.

If all your prayers

amount to nothing

then you’ve missed the point

now go back

and answer another’s instead.

You can move dust

from here to there

and then

another will then move it

from here to there.

Cooperate and it will make it’s way back to you

to begin the cycle again

until it ends

dust to dust

with one last breath.

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