Keep watch

If you don’t face them today, they’ll sneak up on you tomorrow. Better to have a chance at slaying your demons while you can see them.

You know who they are. They have you saying “that’s just the way I am” and they’ll dig it if you’re convinced of that. Then they won’t face you or sneak up on you. They’ll just let you be. If you fear to tread where the angels ain’t then what courage have you?

Trust a little. Courage will find you, surprise you, buoy you, push you, pull you, deny you a little, reward you a lot. Without a guarantee, only a promise. An inner handshake; is your aim true?

The only deal breaker is you.

You’re wireless. Don’t attach. Pick up the signal and bounce it off another.

Don’t demand what you can’t give. Don’t remain in the sun too long at first if you burn easy. Build up slowly.

Start with the premise that time is precious and if you can step out of time, so much the better. Let’s say you can’t though and that today is your last. What will you do? What can you do?

Daylight saving time is kind of funny as if you could save it, we just move it around some. Adjust your watch and keep watch.

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