Don’t just say it.

Always be grateful. Be grateful for the fact that you exist. Be grateful for the health that you have. Be grateful for the food that you eat.

Be grateful for the wonders of nature. Be grateful for the senses that allow you to experience both pain and pleasure. Be grateful for your innate ability to ultimately find creative solutions.

Be grateful for all the people in your life. Be grateful for the kindness that some have shown you. Be grateful for the ability to to forgive those who have not treated you well.

Be grateful to learn from both. Be grateful that there are no insignificant moments. Be grateful that you able to experience all of them. Be grateful for your ability to learn from your mistakes.

Be grateful for your ability to focus on whatever you choose to focus on. Be grateful that you have that choice every moment. Be grateful for your ability to find inner peace.

Gratefulness is magical; in that the more you are grateful for today, the more that you will find you are grateful for tomorrow.

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