Fear of the unknown

Fear of the unknown (Or how to self-sabotage in 10 easy steps!)

Fear of the unknown. Fear of the never encountered. Fear of the yet to happen. Whenever we leave the security of the here and now, we tread into uncharted waters. The mind with it’s fertile imagination mostly chooses catastrophic images.

Why does this seem so? In childhood when we are most open and reality based, the messages begin flooding in from our mostly well intentioned parents, other relatives, friends, and teachers. “Be careful!”, “you remember what happened last time…”, “you’ll end up getting hurt”, “I wouldn’t if I were you”, and so on.

Even as adults, these mental “tape loops” will begin playing in our minds at the first scent of an unknown situation or strange environment. Each new moment approached free of memories and anticipations will always allow for the proper response. However we will block the proper and natural response if we are not operating from our center of strength, our source of power, our optimum self if you will.

During the meditation process, the observation of and distancing from thoughts, fears and anticipations allows one to separate from the stranglehold they can have in our lives. Once we become aware and can observe these thoughts, immediately we see that there is both the thought AND the observer of the thought. Separated from the negative thought AND staying solidly in the moment, there can be no fear.

You become fearless when you can separate your inner self from the pesky habitual thoughts that seem to emerge when you are about to enter a unique, unknown situation.

Regular meditation and usage of the observation techniques will increasingly strengthen your ability to halt these “tape loops” in their tracks. If you haven’t already, I suggest you begin using the technique outlined here.

If you have already begun using the observation and awareness technique, then you are likely to have already identified and isolated some personal thoughts which have immobilized you to this point. Realize once and for all that they are only thoughts and not reality, and that only you ultimately have control over allowing them to continue to sabotage your pursuit of happiness and inner peace. By calm observation and awareness, these thoughts will melt away like snowflakes beneath a blazing sun. This continued control you will exert will bring an inner peace and strength beyond words!

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