Energy loss and awareness

It really is quite remarkable when we begin to consider the vast amounts of energy we consume needlessly. Large amounts of energy are used to sustain our delusions, fantasies and various levels of unawareness. When we are centered and remaining in the moment as much as possible, then our energy flows smoothly from one moment to the next.

When we are able to approach each moment from our center (our source), the appropriate response to the actions of others and events around us will occur quite naturally. This skill will sharpen through the continued use of the meditation techniques.

When we choose (and it is a choice) to leave the safe haven of the present moment and become caught up in our thoughts, imaginings and fantasies, our naturally flowing energy now is diverted. In order to maintain these illusions, our mind will construct elaborate schemes and rationalizations to justify our behavior.

For example, you feel slighted or treated unfairly by someone, and the image of the event gets replayed in your mind until resentment builds. Now your imagination begins to envision and create scenarios like “next time I see him/her I’m going to tell them…” and “if they respond in this manner then I’ll respond with….”.

On and on, the multiple possibilities of various confrontations and interactions that may or may not even occur are visualized, analyzed, and replayed. The energy that would normally flow naturally and allow you to rely on your immediate intuitive abilities becomes blocked. That energy is now required to sustain this continued layer of fantasy between your true self and the other individual.

Furthermore, feelings of guilt may arise upon being aware of these resentments and these guilty feelings further tax your psyche and require yet more energy to keep you from spiraling out of control. These false layers block true, direct communication between individuals and can become habitual patterns.

You may unconsciously extend these feelings towards other individuals you encounter in the future. To illustrate this point consider the following example. Lets say the individual with whom the current resentment involves, happens to have a reddish beard.

Three years later you happen to be introduced to a stranger with a reddish beard and immediately you feel a sense of uneasiness. All the while you are completely unaware as to the basis of this feeling. Be careful to note what you assume are merely “first impressions” may possibly be impressions from a previous experience dating back days, months or even years!

To prevent the unnecessary depletion of your vital life energy, try to commit to remaining centered in the present moment. This will prevent the bottling up and misuse of the very life force that will propel you from moment to moment with ease.

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