Don’t push too hard

Your inner source of strength will provide all the power you’ll ever require to draw that which you truly desire. Effective use of this inner strength does not require that you push, rather a subtle pulling dynamic is more appropriate.

When individuals lean into you and are pushy or manipulative, your natural reaction is to pull away and deny. Is it possible that your desires are not coming to their fruition because you too are pushing too hard? When you desire something very urgently and are unable to remain centered, your ego takes control.

The ego loves to struggle and fight and judge how quickly something is NOT arriving. Then resentment sets in. That eventual resentment puts a block between you and that which is desired. The natural flow has been obstructed.

As your understanding increases and you continue to meditate, you will perceive a natural flow to life. With practice you can learn to disengage your mind and allow your inner self to align itself with and be carried along by this flow.

At times throughout your day you will become aware of what you are desiring. In those moments (and in your mind’s eye) visualize the fulfillment of that desire. Become aware of the feeling that arises upon visualizing the attainment of that desire.

Focus on the feeling derived, NOT the means by which you perceive it will be attained. Now…detach from it and let the universe handle the details. Give up control of the outcome.

This will require discipline at first because the ego’s sway is powerful indeed. Being overly needy and establishing a hurried time frame for fulfilling desires signals the ego’s unhealthy involvement. Remember to visualize the desire’s fulfillment and become aware of the feeling that arises.

Stay with the feeling and detach from the outcome. Don’t push. Let it flow to you. When you practice the technique outlined thoroughly here, you will develop the ability to still your mind and detach from your thoughts. This discipline is necessary to move beyond and be able to harness the power that thoughts hold in manifesting your desires.

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