Be like water

Water flows. Water always adapts. Water changes speed and direction in an instant when necessary. Water nurtures. Water joins others like itself to form a greater whole. Water changes its structure according to the environment but its composition never changes.

Water adheres to universal laws. Stagnation is not beneficial to you or water. Water has no master and is self sufficient. Water withholds none of itself and receives all openly. Water serves all without resentment. Water has neither a beginning or an end.

Water is forceful or gentle depending on the circumstances. Water assists those on their journey but does not compromise itself in doing so. Water is life affirming. Water carries and holds without attachment.

Water displays the universe’s magnificence simply through self-actualization. Water is open and allows all to experience its depths. Water doesn’t procrastinate; rather it deals with obstacles decisively without hesitation. Be like water.

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